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AccuChef™ 6.7 Recipe Software 

Recipe software that's easy to use and stuffed full of features.

Windows 7-10 compatible! Click here to download. The installation and upgrade programs are unsigned so Windows will probably display warnings on download and installation but all programs have been checked for viruses using the latest versions of both McAfee and Bitdefender. When prompted to download or run the installation program, select download, then run it from the download manager.

If you're looking for recipe software that is easy to use "right out of the box" but contains tons of useful features you've come to the right place!

AccuChef is recipe software that is so easy you can use it without reading the help file (but it's there if you need it). This recipe software uses two main screens, the browser and the editor (the top two screens to the right, click on them for a larger view). While browsing through your recipes just press the Enter key to view or edit it. Want to insert a new recipe? Press the Insert key. Intuitive yet powerful recipe software is here!

Registered user's: If you're already a registered user and would like to upgrade to the new version 6.7 click HERE to download the upgrade tool. It will download the upgrade67.exe upgrade program that includes the new version 6.7 along with a new compiled hmtl (accuchef.chm) help file, a new nutritional database (version 28) and supporting files. This is only for registered users that currently have 6.6 installed.

AccuChef allows you to collect, exchange and organize your recipes and much more. You can use it to input your own creations or collect recipes from all over the internet, emails and user's groups. Use our Import Wizard to import recipes from any web page!

AccuChef recipe software also allows you to print out cookbooks (with a table of contents, headers, footers, page numbers and pictures). You can also use it to create web pages (html files) to upload to your web site. Save time at the grocery store, create a shopping list and and print it out in store aisle order!

Using AccuChef recipe software you can resize your recipes for any number of servings. Use its built in coupon database to organize your coupons. You can use AccuChef recipe software to perform a nutritional analysis on your recipes, cost your recipes, print out index cards, email recipes to your friends and design your own customized output.

Don't know what to make? Type in the ingredients you have on hand and let our AccuChef recipe software suggest recipes for you!

To see how easy this recipe software is to use, click here to download your free sixty use trial copy of our AccuChef recipe software now! If you decide to register it later it's only $19.95 and future upgrades are free!

  • Nutritional analyzer (analyze your recipes using the USDA 28 database of over 10,700 items)
  • Recipe costing per serving or for the whole recipe
  • Print out double sided cookbooks with a table of contents, headers & footers
  • Design your own customized printouts
  • Spell checker with a customizable dictionary (default dictionary is English, optional dictionaries available in Afrikaans, Aussie, Brazilian Portuguese, British, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish).
  • NETWORKABLE! Allows multiple workstations to simultaneously share the same cookbook file over a network (one license per workstation required)
  • IMPORT WIZARD makes it simple to import recipes from your favorite web site
  • Each cookbook file can contain over 2,000,000,000 (that's billion) recipes and you can have an unlimited number of cookbook files
  • Create customized web pages of your recipes  (see example)
  • Huge glossary of cooking terms
  • Autoguess will guess at what you're typing, reducing input time.
  • IMPORTS: Meal-Master, AccuChef, MasterCook and text files
  • EXPORTS: Meal-Master, AccuChef, MasterCook and text files
  • Menu planner
  • Export shopping lists to your pocket PC using VOShoppingList
  • Export recipes in text file format and copy them to your PDA (Windows CE or Palm)
  • Runs on all Windows 32 & 64 bit operating systems (through Windows 10)
  • Resize your recipes to any number of servings
  • Shopping lists in store aisle order
  • Type in the ingredients you have and AccuChef will suggest recipes you can make
  • EMAIL recipes directly from AccuChef 
  • Support for Avery 3x5 (5388) and 4x6 (5389) index cards (will optionally print cut lines so you can use the regular 8 1/2 x 11 card stock and cut them into index cards)
  • Attach pictures to your recipe (print them too) and/or sound files
  • Built in coupon database
  • Supports gallons and number 10 sized cans, great for institutional cooking!
  • Supports (and converts between) Metric and US measurement systems

  • Click here to log in to our AccuChef recipe software registered users page.

    Why pay more for a separate cocktail program when you can use AccuChef recipe software? If you want a cookbook with over 2,300 drink recipes just click here to download cocktail.zip, create a new cookbook file and import it! Or click here to go to the recipe resource page for thousands of other recipes!

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    What's New in 6.7:

    We respect your privacy. Our policy is to NOT sell any information about our registered users.
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